Contextualizing Irony

In this essay, I might want to contextualize incongruity into different themes.

First of all I might want to follow the starting points and historical background of incongruity. Incongruity started in the Greek Language from Eiron the Greek longshot who outmaneuvered his solid adversary. From Greek it came into Latin Ironia meaning dissimulation or pretended obliviousness. From Latin the equivalent got adjusted in the English Language in the 16th century.

What are the kinds of incongruity? Its sorts are verbal (what is unique in relation to what is being said). A model is: the means by which tidy up is the room meaning the room is exceptionally filthy. At that point there comes emotional one, which means, the crowd knows more than the on-screen characters. For instance, in the play Oedipus Rex, Rex doesn’t have the foggiest idea about that he has hitched his mom and murdered his dad. On the other hand comes the inestimable, where Gods and Goddesses play with the destiny of the people in a sabotaging way. At that point comes the verifiable one, where the result is unique in relation to desires. For instance nobody foreseen that the ascent of Hitler would prompt the mistreatment of Jews. At that point there is Socratic sort or imagined incongruity and it comprises of offering explanatory conversation starters. Models are: what is goodness? What is ethicalness? What is the spirit, etc?

Now I might want to contextualize the idea and inspect it through the viewpoint of writing, culture and philosophy.

What is incongruity’s place in Literature? It’s place in writing is profoundly conceivable as a guess. The spot of this figure of speech in writing has been the wantonness of religion and the development of science and innovation. Greek religion and culture depicted Gods and Goddesses as being human and liable to destiny and being a long way from great. It’s these legends through which the writing of incongruity has got root. It likewise grew up with existential way of thinking which looks at the journey for looking for the issues of the psyche and body. The way of thinking of skepticism was altogether a hatching of incongruity. Consequently as Camus says we need to validate our reality to carry on with a free life. What is the postmodern idea of incongruity? In postmodernism it is a playfield of feelings. Hardship, nervousness, anxiety, negativity all are elements of human character. Incongruity turns into a planner for the breaking down of personality.

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What is its place in culture? It consumes an early stage space in the writing of culture. There is the frequenting of the persona as being over and over human. The improvement of science and innovation has changed the idea of human worth and respect. The delight of life-the romanticization of life become detained in remnants of a culture needing to go after people. As a term it is set apart by the disturbed other, the grieved self, fear and debauchery and started to address what is esteemed in culture.

What is its value in Philosophy? It turned into a gauging equalization to gauge the value of presence and quintessence. The inquiries of being and turning out to be became assumed prospects. Driven and elevated is incongruity’s board on the information on philosophy.

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