Great Writing – Using Word Clouds to Determine the Main Point of an Essay

A word cloud is a visual portrayal, or “cloud” of anyone of content. Regularly, a word cloud program makes an image of your content, with the words that are utilized frequently in a huge textual style and the words that are utilized inconsistently in continuously littler textual styles. These visual maps permit visual students to decide the central matter, or subject, of a essay.

Learning Styles

Pschologists have recognized a few particular learning styles. Among these learning styles are

  • Verbal: Learn principally using words
  • Kinesthetic: Learn principally through motion
  • Auditory: Learn principally through hearing
  • Tactile: Learn principally through touch
  • Visual: Learn principally through sight.

Visual Learners at Disadvantage

In a composing class, understudies who have a verbal learning style are at a conspicuous favorable position. The content they read comprises basically of words; the sentence structure practices are comprised of words; the papers they compose are on the whole words. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about understudies whose learning style isn’t verbal, however visual? These understudies are off guard. Here and there these understudies bobble through their expositions without having the option to express a primary thought, while their verbal partners simply breeze through.

Word Clouds

A word cloud can be viewed as a “drawing” or guide of a essay. When an understudy has composed a essay, that understudy may present the essay to a word cloud generator, and that understudy can truly “see” the central matter of the essay by taking a gander at the size of the applicable words that the person utilizes most in the essay. For instance, if an understudy wishes to compose a essay about the subject of “basic entitlements,” at that point that understudy may hope to see the words “creature” and “rights” in huge striking letters of the (**********’s) assertion cloud. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where the words “creature” and “rights” are exceptionally little. At that point that understudy knows, outwardly, that the person in question should reconsider the essay to accentuate the primary topic.

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Using word mists to enable visual students to decide the central matter of a draft is just one instrument, among many, that may enable an understudy to compose a superior, increasingly engaged essay. Like any instrument, these visual maps have impediments. Words like “is” and “the” are commonly excluded from a word cloud. Just “content” words are drawn. This element might be a constraint if the instructor is attempting to stress the restricted utilization of the action word “to be.”

Final Thoughts

Used accurately, word mists can be a helpful apparatus for visual students to decide the central matter of their essay drafts and to reexamine as needs be. I have utilized this apparatus effectively recorded as a hard copy classes I instruct. Understudies regularly print and submit various mists since they discover them striking. Above all, the visual students get a visual picture of their essay, with the primary concern, as they have enunciated it, in huge, striking letters.

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