SAT Essays – How to Take a Stand

On the SAT, you might be approached to pick sides in a contention and guard your position.

Frequently, the essay brief asks understudies whether they concur or differ with a given statement or thought. For instance, here’s a genuine inquiry from a past SAT test:

“Nothing requires more order than freedom.”

Assignment: In your essay, talk about your perspective on the announcement above. Make certain to utilize guides to clarify your view. Models can be from writing, human expressions, legislative issues, history, science, experience, perception, or current events.

For the reasons for the essay, you ought to either concur or differ with the given statement.

Many understudies are indecisive, maybe in light of the fact that they fear offering an inappropriate response. For instance, an ambivalent understudy may write:

Sometimes opportunity requires incredible order, yet some of the time it doesn’t.

This position explanation is terrible, in light of the fact that it doesn’t take an unmistakable and unequivocal stand. These sorts of openings will in general lead to articles that meander and are unfocused. They likewise will in general get low scores.

If you concur with the announcement in the essay brief, you may start with a straightforward however viable certification of the thought, similar to this:

Freedom requires incredible discipline.

If you can’t help contradicting the announcement, you may start by turning the thought on its head:

Freedom is the nonappearance of discipline.

Both of these announcements make an understood point, and would prompt totally various expositions, to some extent since they decipher the word opportunity in drastically various manners. The primary methodology may proceed to examine political opportunity, while the subsequent methodology is probably going to concentrate on individual flexibility. Either contention could function as the starting point for a solid essay.

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On the SAT essay, there is no “off-base” answer in the typical sense. In the event that the essay is about the announcement “wrongdoing doesn’t pay,” you may choose to contend that wrongdoing pays. The appointed authorities won’t grade your sentiments. Rather, they are seeing how well you can guard them.

In cases this way, you ought to either concur with the announcement and shield your position, or can’t help contradicting the announcement and safeguard your position.

Never attempt to contend both sides.

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