The Map That Should not Be

These of you who’re avid treasure hunters are in all probability all properly accustomed to maps that are utterly undecipherable. Even older maps which have been meant to be correct portrayals of topography might be nearly humorously inaccurate. The existence of a map relationship from the center ages, then, that would be used to right errors in trendy maps created as late because the 1950s can be nothing lower than astonishing. Nevertheless it does exist.

The map was drawn by Piri Reis in 1513. It exhibits detailed and pointedly correct outlines of Jap North and South America, and Western Africa, a fully wonderful accomplishment in that period, however that isn’t the actual present stopper about this map. It additionally exhibits a very correct detailed define of the Northern Antarctic Coast because it exists with out the ice cap. This isn’t simply wonderful, it’s inconceivable by any method we all know of to have existed within the recognized know-how of civilization till our current skills. There are two points that even additional complicate this thriller.

The primary complication is that Antarctica had not been found but in 1513. The truth that Piri Reis had said himself that he had used different maps from different assets accessible to sailors in his period, some relationship again to the times of Alexander the Nice, does nothing however compound the thriller. That solely signifies that this data was compiled at an excellent earlier date. The place may this data have come from? Whereas utterly baffling, it is just the “tip of the iceberg” so to talk.

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The define of Antarctica on this map exhibits the shoreline as it’s underneath the one mile thick snow cap of the area — with an accuracy we will confirm now through the use of solely just lately developed know-how by way of aerial surveying. It has been calculated that the final time the Antarctic coast was away from this ice cap was 6,000 years in the past at the newest, with a attainable inaccuracy of this determine pushing the date again to presumably so long as 13,000 years in the past. At current, we now have no information of any civilization in existence throughout these dates.

In 1953 the Hydrographic Bureau of the U.S. Navy acquired this map and truly used it to right errors in their very own current day maps. Apparently whoever drew these charts had the information of the truth that the world is spherical, the circumference, inside 50 miles, and a particularly superior information of spherical trigonometry.

The Piri Reis is just one of a number of maps drawn through the center ages by sailors utilizing mapping from historic sources utterly unknown to us in current instances. Whereas we will now map the world with the identical accuracy as these ancients have been in a position to do, it nonetheless stays for us to search out out who these folks have been and once they lived.

If you want to know extra concerning the Piri Reis and different inconceivable but existent maps, deal with your self to a go to to:

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