Prime 40 Pronunciation Pet Peeves

President George Bush, well-known for his pronunciation gaffes, as soon as stated, “I’ve been identified to mangle a syllable or two myself.” Regardless of laughing on the plethora of Bushisms during the last eight years, even the most effective American wordsmiths do mispronounce their justifiable share of phrases.

Individuals are considerably tolerant relating to pronunciation errors when the errors contain sometimes used international phrases, place names, technical phrases, dialectical variations, or idiomatic expressions. Nonetheless, for numerous causes, we do demand uniform pronunciation of some phrases. Following are our Prime 40 Pronunciation Pet Peeves in no explicit order.

1. Library is alleged “lie-brair-ee,” not “lie-bear-ee.” [No, it’s not libarian either]

2. Nuclear is pronounced “nook-lee-er,” not “nUke-U-ler.” [Ode to Bush]

3. February is alleged “Feb-roo-air-ee,” not “Feb-U-aire-ee.” [Frequently misspelled, as well]

4. Orange is pronounced “or-anj,” not “are-anj.” [Orange you glad you know this?]

5. Prostate is alleged “praw-state,” not “praw-straight.” [Unless you are lying down]

6. Top is pronounced “hite,” not “hite with a ‘th’.” [That “e-i” or “width” must confuse us]

7. Most likely is alleged “praw-bab-lee,” not “prob-lee.” [Or some say “praw-lee”]

8. Ask is pronounced “ask,” not ” ax.” [Please tell me before you ax me.]

9. Pronunciation is pronounced “pro-nun-see-a-tion,” not ” pro-noun-see-a-tion.” [But pronounce]

10. Athlete is pronounced “ath-lete,” not “ath-ah-leet.” [Despite the ath-ah-leets foot commercials]

11. Technique is alleged “strat-uh-gee,” not “stra-ji-dee.” [Though we never say “stra-ji-jick”]

12. Aluminum is pronounced “uh-loo-mi-num,” not “al-U-min-um.” [Brits have their own version]

13. Et cetera (and so on.) is alleged “et-set-er-ah,” not “ek- set-er-ah.” [Not “ek-spe-shul-lee” either]

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14. Supposedly is pronounced “suh-po-zed-lee,” not “su-pose-ub-lee.” [Or “su-pose-eh-blee”]

15. Distinction is alleged “di-fer-ence,” not “dif-rence.” [Often misspelled due to this error]

16. Mischievous is pronounced “mis-chuh-vus,” not “mis-chee-vee-us.” [You’ll look this one up]

17. Mayonnaise is alleged “may-un-naze,” not “man-aise.” [“Ketchup-catsup” is another matter]

18. Miniature is pronounced “mi-ne-uh-ture,” not “min-ah-ture.” [Who drives an Austin “min-uh”?]

19. Particular is alleged “de-fuh-nit,” not ” def-ah-nut.” [For define, it’s “di-fine” not “dah-fine”]

20. Usually is pronounced “off-ten,” not “off-en.” [Probably just sloppy pronunciation]

21. Web is alleged “In-ter-net,” not “In-nur-net.” [Not “in-ner-rest-ing either]

22. Groceries is pronounced “grow-sir-ees,” not “grow-sure-ees.” [It’s not “grow-sure” either]

23. Related is alleged “sim-ah-ler,” not “sim-U-lar.” [But Websters says “sim-ler” is fine]

24. Escape is pronounced “es-cape,” not “ex-cape.” [It’s not “ex-pres-so” either]

25. Lose is alleged “luze,” not “free.” [Think “choose,” not “moose”]

26. Temperature is pronounced “tem-per-ah-ture,” not “tem-prah-chur.” [Cute when kids say it]

27. Jewellery is alleged “jewl-ree” or “jew-ul-ree,” not “jew-ler-ree.” [More syllables won’t get you more carats]

28. Sandwich is pronounced “sand-which,” not “sam-which.” [Or “sam-mitch” either]

29. Realtor is alleged “real-tor,” not “real-ah-tor.” [Similarly, it’s “di-late,” not “di-ah-late”]

30. Asterisk is pronounced “ass-tur-risk,” not “ass-trik.” [It’s not called astar, by the way]

31. Federal is alleged “fed-ur-ul,” not “fed-rul.” [Use all syllables to ensure all federal holidays]

32. Candidate is pronounced “can-di-date,” not “can-uh-date.” [It’s not “can-nuh-date” or “can-di-dit”]

33. Hierarchy is alleged “hi-ur-ar-kee,” not “hi-ar-kee.” [It’s not “arch-type”; it’s “ar-ki-type”]

34. Area of interest is pronounced “nich” or “neesh,” not “neech.” [This one drives some people crazy]

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35. Sherbet is alleged “sher-bet,” not “sher-bert.” [I’m sure, Burt]

36. Prescription is pronounced “pre-scrip-tion,” not “per-scrip-tion.” [andprerogative, not “per”]

37. Arctic is alleged “ark-tik,” not “ar-tik.” [Not “ant-ar-tik-ah either]

38. Cupboard is pronounced “cab-uh-net,” not “cab-net.” [Likewise, it’s “cor-uh-net,” not “cor-net”]

39. Triathlon is alleged “tri-ath-lon,” not “tri-ath-uh-lon.” [Not “bi-ath-uh-lon” either]

40. Forte is pronounced “fort,” not “for-tay.” [But Porsche does have a slight “uh” at the end]

And for the culinary snobs amongst us… It is “bru-chet-tah” or “bru-sket-tah,” however positively not “bru-shet-tah.” And it is “hear-row,” not “gear-row” or “ji-roh.”

Lots of the pronunciation errors described above are made by individuals with poor decoding and syllabication abilities.

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